It goes without saying that to successfully deliver a project of converting a sand carrier for more effective utilization purpose requires a highly experienced team team with deep technical know-how, apart from the required infrastructure and technological backing.

This is precisely what has allowed APT Global to quickly and successfully deliver 2 sand carriers for the renowned dredging contractor Van Oord..
The hopper barges were converted for more effective utilization by construction / installation of bow coupling system with all associated piping and loading boxes. Drawing on the past experience, the team at APT Global was able to successfully deliver the project in about 3 months, which started in December 2018 and ended in February 2019. APT’s new quay wall facility at the RAK Maritime City allowed the team to carry out the work quickly and cost-effectively while ensuring on-time delivery of the vessel.
The contract involved the building of bow coupling tower along with the construction of discharge piping, support structures, walkway platform and hydraulic piping. The prefabrication work was completed at the APT RAK yard before moving to the installation phase. The converted sand carrier passed all the tests and was built to suit the requirements of Van Oord.

APT has just completed a major docking and refurbishment/repair of the Cutter Dredger Umm El Zemoul at the Dubai Maritime City.The work was extensive and major refurbishments were done on the Cutter Ladder/Spud Carriage and mechanical equipment,also involved blasting and painting of the whole vessel.

Job was carried out in tight schedule of 63 days with massive steel renewals carried out. NMDC personnel are happy on the project done and appreciated the entire team of APT Global for the quality and delivery.