It’s self-evident that to successfully create a pollution-free environment such as cleaning up the ocean and making it plastic-free, it requires a highly experienced workforce, research, technology and appropriate devices. This approach is what precisely enabled APT to become a part of Ocean CleanUp Project by constructing pontoons for them. APT is exultant to have been awarded the project for modular pontoons construction for the prestigious client Ocean Clean Up, The Netherlands.

The challenge of cleaning up the ocean is that plastic contamination is scattered across millions of square kilometres and moves in all directions. The Ocean Cleanup has designed an incredible technology to collect, accumulate and extract the plastic pollution. The Pontoons intended for this project by APT is used in the third phase of extraction, where the pontoon vessels acting as a truck will systematically remove the collected plastic.
The project involves constructing around 15 modular pontoons of multiple dimensions with very close threshold and the most extraordinary level of quality. The construction technology not only adds up to better performance but also for the durability, more robust designs, better materials, and more details of reliable fusion.